Meeting Your Construction Protection Needs

Construction companies are faced with insurance needs that most other companies do not have to consider. In addition to basic business insurance, Northeast Risk Solutions offers several other protections that construction companies are in need of to protect themselves, their workers, and their clients.

Builder’s Risk Insurance

With builder’s risk insurance,, project owners can be protected from fire, theft, weather damage (including strong winds and lightning strikes), and vandalism. Exclusions from these types of policies include earthquakes, acts of war, government intervention, and losses due to equipment malfunction.

Pollution Coverage

A pollution coverage policy protects contractors from any kind of exposure to pollution due to their activities. These policies usually cover remediation costs, property damage, and incidents of bodily injury.

Professional Liability

If your construction company is also the project designer, professional liability protection will cover you in case of design flaws.

General Liability

No contractor should ever operate without general liability coverage. This protects your business from bodily injury claims and any property damage done by your company. General liability insurance does not pay to repair equipment that has caused any property damage.

Umbrella Liability

If you own a larger construction company that threatens to exceed the limits of your general liability coverage, you should seek an umbrella policy to help with the rest of your coverage needs. An umbrella policy is usually held in reserve and only used in the event that the general liability coverage does not pay the full amount required in damages.

Our construction insurance experts are ready to talk to you today about improving your coverage and protecting your business. If you own a construction company, you will need the right kind of construction insurance to handle your risk and grow your business. We are here to put together the full coverage you need that will allow your construction business to succeed.